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1970 Porsche Twin Plug 911T

In the late 50s, Porsche’s flagship model, the 356, lost a bit of steam in the marketplace. Other automobiles, priced in the same bracket, were creating a competitive edge for the ‘sports’ car. Porsche’s response? The 911. You’ll notice that in our fleet we have five of them. Why? Because the 911 was such a phenomenal success that—after surpassing the 356 in sales, resilience, and longevity—Porsche is still not allowed to replace it. Let that sink in. This car hit the market in the 60s and has yet to be replaced today.

The 1970 Porsche 911 is vastly considered to be the best 911 ever engineered. This isn’t to say that it could outperform later models (cue the peanut gallery of fanatics) but that, in isolation, it was the most well-rounded 911 ever built. The new engine (2.2-liter) built for the 1970 model was larger and used new aluminum cylinder heads (that sported larger valves for respiration), bumping the horsepower up to 200.

The model was ingenious to the point that it remained basically unchanged for three years. Our 1970 911 is a variant of the original model, reengineered for the racetrack. You’ll hear it from a mile away, break a sweat driving it, and it’s our fastest street legal car.

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