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1972 BMW 3002tti

The 3002 TTII Coupe, manufactured by the renowned German automaker BMW, is part of the 2002 family, one of which that’s credited for establishing the company as an international brand. Most car enthusiasts are familiar with this model, as it’s the staple of the ‘classic BMW.’ To that point, if you think you know the car you’re looking at above, you couldn’t be more wrong. The BMW 3002 TTII Coupe is our most customized, heavy-hitting, and unique car in our fleet. It’s like a beautiful Frankenstein. When it comes to speed, nothing in our garage can hold a candle to it.

For one, there’s some wonderful irony to the car. Beneath the hood, this 2002 has a M54 3-liter dual VANOS motor sourced from a 2002 BMW X5. Before it went in, it was gutted, scraped, and a custom wood fixture helped set it into the bay. After, twin custom-built KKK turbocharges were attached to the OEM manifolds. And that’s not even scratching at the surface of this car’s build. To detail exactly what entailed fitting the M54 into the bay would create an essay out of this bio, so know this:

Our 3002 TII generates over 330 horsepower of thrust at the wheels, with a wet weight of 2740 pounds. The Brembos provide a type of braking that pays more similarities to a race car than something street legal. The acceleration is, by all means, nearly frightening. What you’re looking at here is a shell that nods its hat to the wonderful history of BMW, with organs that can outperform most cars—yes, sports cars included—on the road.

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