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1987 Porsche 911 Carrera G50

One of our five 911s in the collection, the air-cooled Carrera G50 pays homage to the ingenuity of its line, seeing as its birth is the product of Peter Schutz, the American CEO that decided not to kill the model in the 70s. Porsche wanted to replace the rear-engine, flat six design with a front-engined V8. Instead, Porsche produced the 911 SC (see our ‘Fixie’) which was well-received.

By the middle of the 80s, the revival of the 911 solidified; there was no debate as to its success. Porsche has always believed in the theory of gradual improvement, slowly bettering their design in time without making any massive changes (we’re kind of ignoring the 928 here). In which case, while it’s not farfetched to say that only brand fanatics could spot the difference between an SC and a Carrera, it’s what partook under the hood that matters.

Porsche upgraded the rear engine to a new 3.2 liter flat six, utilizing the 911 Turbo’s crankshaft for a longer stroke, and replaced the fuel injection with a Bosch ECU. This engine produced (and still does) 207HP for a 0-6 of 6.2. This, of course, is stock.

Our 1987 was among the models that experienced some noteworthy changes in both the engine and gearbox. For one, it was retuned to add 10 more horsepower, bringing it to 217. The torque increased to 195 lb-ft. And the gearbox was replaced by a hydraulically actuated clutch rather than the old cable system, which gave it much better shift throws. It’s among the fastest and most drivable Carreras out-of-the-box from the first line. And you can’t really beat the cherry red.

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